Meanwhile Korea’s Park Junghwan 9p faced fellow countryman, Lee Sedol 9p in the other semifinal match.

Lee Sedol 9 dan (left) and Park Junghwan 9 dan at the 8th Ing Cup.

Park was looking to go one up on his result from four years ago, when he finished as runner-up to Fan Tingyu 9p.

Lee Sedol 9 dan, aiming to expand his trophy cabinet.

Lee, who has won just about every other international title multiple times, was aiming to add a trophy he didn’t already have to his collection.

After two days of play, both matches were tied at 1–1.

Tang proved too strong for Shi, and Park defeated Lee to reach his second consecutive Ing Cup final.

Two more of Hyunwoo's friends are visiting this week. Hyunwoo is showing them around and will bring them to the club next Wednesday - November 6.

  • If you would like to meet them during the week, please contact Hyunwoo (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or phone 0212304943
  • Please come to the club next Wednesday to make them welcome ... We'll have a meal first, so you can join us 6:30pm for the meal or at 7:30 to play Go.
    • Mike! You're the local, can you recommend a restaurant?
    • Hyunwoo, does this fit with your plans?
    • Everyone else, please let me know if you want to come to the restaurant so we have some idea of numbers.

We had a committee meeting a week ago. One of the things discussed was making the first week of each month at the club special - as has been suggested before.

This is our plan:
  • The people who come along will be divided into two teams.
  • The teams will play and the members of the winning team will be published on our web site - a high honour!
  • After the team event Hyunwoo and Kevin will review games, or people can play casually.
  • People outside of Auckland can participate via KGS. We will bring along at least two computers.
    • Please let me know if you want to do this?
    • Corrin - can your phone hot-spot handle this, or do we need another Internet connection?   
  • Next Wednesday, November 6 is the first Wednesday of the month and Hyunwoo's friends will be there too. Come along and make it a great night!

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