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NZ player, Alan, ranks No 1 on OGS
15 Feb 2018 06:53NZ player, Alan, ranks No 1 on OGS

As of 15th February 2018 A member of the University of Canterbury Go Club has achieved the no 1 posi [ ... ]

3rd annual Australian Digital Tournament
17 Jan 2018 08:29

Great online Tournament coming up. The 2018 ADGT starts Feb 10th 2018. One round per week. Entry AU [ ... ]

Opito Bay Go festival 2018
17 Jan 2018 08:24

Click to view the gallery:   Opito Bay Go festival Mike Taylor is opening his Opito Bay bach t [ ... ]

Australia Vs New Zealand match 2018
17 Jan 2018 08:21Australia Vs New Zealand match 2018

Click to view the gallery:    An overview of the week end (thanks to Summer Li): The 2018 Aus [ ... ]

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Meanwhile Korea’s Park Junghwan 9p faced fellow countryman, Lee Sedol 9p in the other semifinal match.

Lee Sedol 9 dan (left) and Park Junghwan 9 dan at the 8th Ing Cup.

Park was looking to go one up on his result from four years ago, when he finished as runner-up to Fan Tingyu 9p.

Lee Sedol 9 dan, aiming to expand his trophy cabinet.

Lee, who has won just about every other international title multiple times, was aiming to add a trophy he didn’t already have to his collection.

After two days of play, both matches were tied at 1–1.

Tang proved too strong for Shi, and Park defeated Lee to reach his second consecutive Ing Cup final.

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