The 2003 Otago Open Championship was held in Dunedin. Here is an excellent report on the event by its organiser and host, Graeme Parmenter


Otago Open Championship 2003

The Otago Open Go Championship was revived this year after a ten year break. On the 20-21 September, seventeen players gathered in Dunedin for the 7th Otago Open. Steve and Colin came all the way from Auckland, the Yuans from Hamilton, and out of the cultural black hole of Queenstown came Lou and P.J. From Dunedin there was a remarkable gaggle of 1-dans, ranging from the venerable Matt Woods and Paul Yates to Leon Phease who was about the size of a go stone when the tournament began in 1988. Jerry Joffe has recently arrived from Ohio with a strong Japanese influence, and the terrible twins Corrin and Ciaran, the latter having reached shodan in less than a year, were there to cause the usual mayhem. Add to that the veterans Barry and Graeme and it was a humdinger of a dan section. Missing was Yucong Phease, three time winner of the tournament, who was on nappy duty for the weekend.

It took only until round two for Jimmy Yuan to declare his genius with a sound thrashing of Barry. Graeme was next to get Jimmied so that by the end of round 3, Jimmy was the only unbeaten player. And that’s the way he stayed. He is a wonderful talent with an ease in his play that comes from a lot of play and study.

In the kyu players section, handicap games were played because of the wide spread in ranks, and everyone had at least one win. This section was won by Max Yuan, making it a clean sweep for the family. Young Edwin Phease (7) showed he is closing on 1-dan fast and Lou was an advertisement for the soundness of technique encouraged by the Many Faces of Go, his only opponent for many years.

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- extracted from newsletter produced by Dan Reeve

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