Great online Tournament coming up. The 2018 ADGT starts Feb 10th 2018. One round per week. Entry AU$10 per division. Its a lot of fun and high standard of opponent in the open div. Handicap division also. Details here and enter here its good fun and prizes too


Do you live in Australia or New Zealand, and play the ancient oriental game of go, online?
Been wanting to play in a tournament, but just can't make it to a capital city or afford to burn an entire weekend face-to-face?
This year is your chance. Come join us at the third annual Australian Digital Tournament.
The Australian Digital is a first-class tournament of the Australian Go Association and WAGC-eligible regional tournament of the New Zealand Go Society. If you are an Australian player, it affects your national rating, earns you international representative points, the whole ball of wax. If you are a New Zealand player, it is a fun chance to crush Australian players in a trans-Tasman tournament...and earns you international representative points. Any player in a country in the South Pacific is welcome, we have divisions from 20k to 7d.
There are seven rounds of go tournament, one round per week played at a go server near you. 
Tournament details at; registration is AU$10 at; prizes are some cash, some free entry to national championships, and eternal glory.
I look forward to seeing many new and familiar faces in the tournament this year. 
aguido horatio davis <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
treasurer and webmaster, australian go association |
general secretary, queensland go society |
"it's all fun and games, until someone loses an eye."


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