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Ken Xie at the WAGC tournament in Japan

Ken Xie at the WAGC tournament in Japan NZGSLogo

HI everyone, Ken Xie is representing New Zealand in the World Amateur Go Championships (WAGC) this year. They are playing in in Matsue, Simane, Japan. Neville Smythe, from the Australian Go Association has sent brief reports which I have copied below. Many thanks Neville.

Up to date results and pairings are online at

Day 1, Round 1

Cary Jin’s first opponent is Bojanic 5d from Serbia ... will be interesting to see how an Australian 5d stacks up against a European 5d. I expect it will be a tough match for him. (Cary won)

Ken   Xie plays Sersendemid 1k from Mongolia. Won’t be good for his SOS, but sometimes a low first round Sos can result in submarining: getting an easier draw through to later rounds. (Ken won)

Round 1 Ken

Round 1 Cary

Round 2

Ken won his game against Thailand by 2.5, a famous victory. Cary made a mistake early on and lost by about Komi against Singapore, who is Chinese 6d so not too bad.

Round 2 Ken

Round 2 Cary

Day 2, Round 3

Cary plays Thailand, Ken plays Indonesia ... again keeping it in the region.
The Thai player will be really upset if he loses to Cary this morning.

Round 3 Ken

WAGC 2019 Round 3 Cary

Ken lost to Indonesia, Cary defeated Thailand capturing a white dragon... at an early stage of the attempt he could have cut off the tail for a gain of 30 points but he decided he had to go after the whole group

If the draw continues the the region theme I guess we can expect NZ v Australia!

Still no upsets among the top 4 boards as far as I know...

Round 4

You guessed it .. Aust v NZ As a bonus the photo includes Japan v Singapore 

WAGC round 4 Ken and Cary

Round 4

Half point win to NZ ... Cary messed up a 10 point lead [?]

Currently there appears to be a clock problem with the Japan-Singapore March


More results tomorrow.  

Go Ken, Go Cory. Do us proud. 

Thanks again Neville