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Auckland 2019 Open. Venue confirmed and just one week to go. Register now!

Auckland 2019 Open. Venue confirmed and just one week to go. Register now!

Just one week to go  If you have not already registered, please register now!

You are invited to join the 2019 Auckland Go Club Open tournament.       

Avoid the burning sun and summer crowds, instead spend the weekend enjoying Go with us!

  • 7 Rounds of games. 4 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday (Beginner’s division Sunday only)
  • Party on Saturday night, including dinner at Palisander Rosewood Furniture 694 Gt South Rd Penrose.
  • Restaurant lunch together on Sunday (an additional $25 for adults and $15 for children)
  • 3 divisions. One for dan ranked players, one for strong to medium kyu players and one for beginners.



Prizes for all divisions. We will have three divisions.

An Open division for strong players and people who want to play against strong players. Dan level players will be required to enter the Open Division, strong Kyu players can enter if they wish. The winner of this division will be Auckland Champion for 2019.

The second division is for medium to strong kyu players. As for the open division there will be seven rounds over two days.

The third division is for beginners and weak kyu players. This division will play seven rounds of 13x13 games on Sunday afternoon.


‘Fisher’ time control will be used.

  • Fisher time control gives you an initial time allocation and adds a little more time for every move you make.
  • We will start with 20 minutes and give another 15 seconds for each move. An average game is about 250 moves long - 125 moves each, which amounts to 1875 seconds or 31 minutes, plus the starting 20.
  • We are using Fisher time control because it is more forgiving when you run short of time (you can play a few fast moves and get some time back) and it stops people from taking a lot longer than the expected time, which can happen with our traditional time controls.


There’s a good restaurant nearby. Let’s use it. After the AGM on Sunday we will go to there for a Yum Cha lunch.

  • This will cost an additional $25 ($15 for children) You can opt out if you want - but we really hope you will join us.
  • People playing in division 3, which starts on Sunday afternoon are invited to come earlier and join us for lunch.
  • On Saturday a light lunch will be provided and we will have tea, coffee, fruit and biscuits available both days for morning and afternoon tea.


This could be our biggest tournament ever, Join us and make history!

  • If you are planning on entering the tournament, please register so we have an accurate estimation of participants before the event and we can email you if any changes occur. If you coming from out of town and need accommodation, let us know so we can help.

Tournament conditions

The tournament will have 7 rounds. The first and second divisions will have four on Saturday and three on Sunday. The third division will have 7 rounds on Sunday afternoon.


Entry to first and second divisions is $25 if you pre register, $30 otherwise.

Entry to division 3 is $10 if you pre register, $15 otherwise.

  • Please pre-register - (The registration form is at the end of this document)

Lunch on Sunday costs $25 or $15 for children (15 and under)


New Zealand rules will be used.

The first and second divisions will use Fisher Time control with 20 minutes initial time and 15 seconds added after each move. Division 3 will have 20 minutes per game … clocks?


Bread, salads, meat and so on will be provided for lunch on Saturday.

Restaurant lunch on Sunday, or you can bring your own.

Tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit will be provided both days.


The Auckland Go club AGM will be held on Sunday after the first round of play.

  • If you would like to discuss anything then, please let us know now, so that we can publish it before the AGM allowing people to think about it in advance.


Divisions 1 & 2
09:00  -  09:30 Registration
09:30  -  11:10 Round 1
11:10  -  11:20 Break
11:20  -  13:00 Round 2
13:00  -  14:00  Lunch
14:00  -  15:40 Round 3
15:40  -  15:50 Break
15:50  -  17:30 Round 4


Divisions 1 & 2 Division 3
09:30  -  11:10 Round 5  14:00 - 14:20 Round 1
11:10  -  12:00 AGM 14:20 - 14:40 Round 2
12:00  -  13:00 Lunch, yum char 14:40 - 15:00 Round 3
13:00  -  14:40 Round 6 15:00 - 15:20 Round 4
14:40  -  14:50 Break 15:20 - 15:40 Round 5
14:50  -  16:30 Round 7 15:40 - 16:00 Round 6
16:30  -  17:00 Break (Except for the organisers) 16:00 - 16:20 Round 7
17:00 Prizegiving
17:30 Finish










Synergy Community Trust, Unit 3/44 Portage Rd, New Lynn


Please tell us a bit about yourself…


Your name:   ___________________________


Your playing strength:   _______


Your contact details:

  • Email:   ________________________________________________________________________


  • Phone numbers:    ________________________________________________________________


  • Address:    ______________________________________________________________________


Are you a NZ citizen?   ___________

  • We need to know this when inviting people to represent NZ in international tournaments.

If you are not a NZ citizen, does your visa allow you to stay in New Zealand permanently?   ___________

  • If yes, you can qualify for accumulating points towards representing NZ later


Do you want to be part of the New Zealand Go Society?  ___________

  • There is currently no fee for this.


Do you want to receive email from the New Zealand Go Society about coming events and other things relevant to the New Zealand Go community?


Please add any comments or suggestions you have regarding this tournament and Go activity in New Zealand