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Invitation for the Pair Go Handicap Tournament (Pair Go World Cup 2020 JAPAN)

Invitation for the Pair Go Handicap Tournament (Pair Go World Cup 2020 JAPAN)


Hi New Zealand Go Players

Australia and New Zealand have been invited to send 2 teams to the coming Pair Go World Cup 2020, 1-6 July in Tokyo. This is being organised to run in conjunction with the Olympics.

There are two concurrent tournaments, one for professional and strong amateur players, the other a handicap tournament. Australia has found a 5 dan woman and a 2 dan woman. Can we find men?

Only our strongest players, 5 dan plus, are strong enough for the pro-am tournament. Travel to this tournament is fully funded and players have individual rooms. However the tournament is knockout - so our representatives might only play one game.
There is no strength requirement for the handicap tournament. Travel is 50% funded and players have shared rooms. A Swiss draw will be used so all players play all the rounds.

These events are always well run with many activities outside of the tournament itself, and the Olympics will be on so it will be an exciting time to be in Japan.
- Or the coronavirus outbreak could cause the tournament to be canceled as the SARS outbreak did in 2003...

If you would like to be our representative at either of these tournaments, please let me know in the next 7 days, before the 20th.
- If multiple people want to be our representative the person highest on our WAGC points table will be picked.

Best regards
Colin Grierson
NZGS secretary