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Auckland Go 2020 tournament invitation

Auckland Go 2020 tournament invitation


Dear Go Players, the Auckland Go club invites you to our 2020 Open tournament on Saturday and Sunday October the 3rd & 4th

October has crept up behind the Covid virus and is almost on us, and with October comes the Auckland Go tournament - It was to be the NZ Open tournament, with the Auckland tournament in November, but because of the Covid 19 disruption we have swapped them so more people can come to the Open - hopefully!

If all goes well - Covid 19 wise - groups of 20 or more will be allowed and we should be good to go. You have to be in to win, so we are planning for good news and our tournament is on!
If things don't go well we will replan and organise an online tournament - because the New Zealand Open is scheduled for November 21 and 22 we cannot move it later.


The tournament

The format of the tournament is similar to last year… with just a few changes. 

  • The venue is Zhou's Furniture shop, but the shop has moved from Penrose to Otahuhu.
  • Two divisions. Open for Dan level players. Division 2 for weaker players.
  • Four games on Saturday.
  • Join us for dinner at the shop on Saturday night.
  • After dinner a team game of go. A 'serious' game with rules and a prize for the winning team.
  • Three games on Sunday also the AGM and prize giving.
  • There are plenty of food shops nearby, so we will supply tea, coffee and snacks, but not lunches.
  • The cost is $20 if you pre-register, $25 if you just arrive on Saturday and want to play (it‚Äôs a nice surprised though)

Celebrate the easing of Covid 19 restrictions, have fun and win some WAGC points* at our tournament!



  1. The address is 474 Gt South Rd Otahuhu, parking behind the building or in the parking area a little to the North.
  2. New Zealand rules will be used.
  3. Swiss tournament format with seven rounds.
  4. The organizers have final say regarding the division players can compete in. Generally, we are happy for people to play up, but wont let people we regard as too strong to play down in Division 2.
  5. Fisher time control with 20 minutes initial time and 15 seconds added after each move.
  6. Queries and arguments decided by the tournament controller.
  7. Cost is $20 if you pre-register, otherwise $25
  8. If you stay for dinner, please contribute $15 for food and drinks. ($10 for young children)
  9. After dinner tournament details:
    1. Two teams. Each with a captain.
    2. 10 moves per player until all players in a team have used all their moves, then the count starts again.
    3. The team captain can change players at any time - subject to rule b.
    4. Discussion and planning is expected, encouraged, but not within earshot of the person currently playing.
    5. Time control as agreed at the start of the game.
    6. The team captain can call a three minute time out, stopping the clock, up to three times for discussion and planning including the current player.
    7. Special dessert for the winning team. Served by the losing team.



Saturday (both divisions)

09:00  -  09:30 Registration

09:30  -  11:10 Round 1

11:10  -  11:20 Break

11:20  -  13:00 Round 2

13:00  -  14:00 Lunch  - Bring your own or buy from the nearby shops  

14:00  -  15:40 Round 3

15:40  -  15:50 Break

15:50  -  17:30 Round 4

18:00  -  19:00  (Approx) Dinner

20:00  -  22:00  (Approx) Team game


Sunday (both divisions)

Divisions 1 & 2

09:30  -  11:10 Round 5

11:10  -  12:00 AGM

12:00  -  13:00 Lunch - Bring your own or buy from the nearby shops

13:00  -  14:40 Round 6

14:40  -  14:50 Break

14:50  -  16:30 Round 7

16:30  -  17:00 Break (Except for the organisers)

17:00              Prizegiving   

17:30   Finish


WAGC points

Every year we are invited to send representatives to international Go tournaments including the World Amateur Go Championship, the Korean Prime Minister’s Cup, and the World Pair Go tournament. These tournaments are big, very well run, provide free food, accommodation, local transport and frequently include sightseeing. Some even subsidise the airfare to the country where the tournament is held. They are great! Really fun to go to. 

To decide who gets to go, we keep a ‚ÄėWAGC points table‚Äô (you can see it on the NZGS website When a tournament invitation is received, the person at the top of the table is invited first. If they decline then the next person is invited and so on. The points system is designed so that there is a clear and fair way to choose representatives and so a large number of people get to go to the tournaments, not the same people many times.¬†

WAGC points are won at our tournaments

The points ‚Äėdecay‚Äô - every year ¬ľ of the points held are removed

Points are removed from the people who go to the tournaments

WAGC points can be won by any NZ Go society member who has permanent residence in New Zealand. (However most international tournaments require representatives to be citizens of the country they are representing)



Please tell us a bit about yourself…

Your name: 

Your playing strength: 

Your contact details:

  • Email:¬†
  • Phone numbers:¬†
  • Address:¬†

Are you a NZ citizen? 

  • We need to know this when inviting people to represent NZ in international tournaments.

If you are not a NZ citizen, does your visa allow you to stay in New Zealand permanently?

  • If yes, you can qualify for accumulating points towards representing NZ later

Do you want to be part of the New Zealand Go Society?

  • There is currently no fee for this.¬†

Do you want to receive email from the New Zealand Go Society about coming events and other things relevant to the New Zealand Go community? 


Please add any comments or suggestions you have regarding this tournament and Go activity in New Zealand.