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NZ Go Society: Korea Prime Minister Cup (KPMC) tournament

NZ Go Society: Korea Prime Minister Cup (KPMC) tournament


New Zealand Go Players


We have received our invitation to "send" a representative to the 16th Korea Prime Minister Cup (KPMC), which again will be an online only tournament. The games are planned to be held between August 2 and August 29. If you are a new Zealand citizen and would like to be our representative in this tournament please let me know. If several people apply, the person highest on our WAGC points table will be chosen.
Last year Chahine Koleejan was our representative and finished a very respectable 28th out of the 74 entrants. This year there may be more than just the tournament games - the invitation says "This year, we are planning to create some new events that could trigger the participants’ interests." 
Here are the details of the tournament. The application form and player's pledge referred to are attached to this email: 

1. Competition Schedule

- August 2nd ~ August 29th (expected) 


2. Competition Method

- Every match is played online

- Real Time Skype filming is necessary for every match

- Continent Division will not be applied for Preliminary rounds, and every participating nation will be selected randomly (exception: among participating nations, only group number 1 seed will be given based on ranking)

- Final Rounds (Tournament) will be held as random selection without the seed


3. Requested Terms

For the participating nations, please select the representative player by June 30th and send us the filled out application form and player pledge (Please refer to the attached files)


4. Others

- More information about 2021 KMPC will be reported further

-¬†PLEASE keep the deadline¬†for submitting ‚ÄėApplication Form‚Äô and ‚ÄėPlayer Pledge Form‚Äô¬†


  We are always trying our best to improve the quality of KMPC in a way that the participants can achieve and learn something valuable.  This year, we are planning to create some new events that could trigger the participants’ interests.  We look forward to getting your responses.  Again, thank you for your cooperation and interests and please feel free to make us an inquiry.  


                                                                                         KBF international staff, Matthew Kim



Korea Baduk Federation

T:  +82.2.2282.5500

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