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2024 World Amateur Go Championship: New Zealand Representative

2024 World Amateur Go Championship: New Zealand Representative

Dear Go Players,

The 44th World Amateur Go Tournament will be held in Tokyo from 17 to 23 May 2024. We need to find our representative urgently. If you want to have the honor of being the New Zealand representative at a very well run and fun tournament in Tokyo (all expenses paid while you are in Japan), let us know now.

This is urgent because emails from the organisers did not reach us for some reason, and the 2023 tournament was only 6 months ago - so we were not expecting this year's tournament so soon. The organisers are now in touch with us and we can send a representative if we are quick.

These tournaments are a lot of fun, they are very well run, and the organisers pay the cost of travel, food and accommodation within Japan for the duration of the tournament. (You have to pay to get to Japan) There is a lot more than just the tournament games. You get to meet and hang out with players from all over the world, you may get a professional review of one of your games, you can watch the strong players - in person, there is a 'Special side event with the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Nihon Kiin' to start the tournament, there are Tokyo tours available, and you can go out and explore when you are not busy with games. These tournaments really are very good events.

To be eligible you only need to be a New Zealand citizen and have opted into joining the New Zealand Go Society when playing in our tournaments. 
If you would like to be our representative in this tournament please send an email to - soon.
- If multiple people apply the person highest on our WAGC point table will be chosen.
Our apology for the short notice.
Rafick Koleejan
NZGS Secretary