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18th Korea Prime Minister Cup

18th Korea Prime Minister Cup


Dear Go Players.

The 18th Korea Prime Minister Cup International Baduk Championship (KPMC), which is Korea’s traditional Baduk international competition,  will be held in Taebaek City, Korea between September 20 to September 26 this year.
You will find all the details in the email from the Korean Baduk Federation below and the attachments. Flights will be subsidised (up to approximately $800 or 50% of the fare) and accommodation taken care of. If you are interested please let me know before the 5th of June.
- To be eligible you must hold New Zealand citizenship.
- The final participant will be chosen based on our WAGC points system, which can be viewed on our web site:
Rafick Koleejan
NZGS Secretary


Dear all international Baduk organizations,


I hope this message finds you well.

I am Arnold KIM, the international staff for KBF and the organizer of the 19th Korea Prime Minister Cup International Baduk Championship (19th KPMC).


It is my pleasure to announce that 19th KPMC will be held in Taebaek City, Korea between September 20 to September 26.

There are several important changes for this KPMC as the budget has cut and restrictions (especially for airfare support) have been stricter, so please take a closer look at the attached.

You can find the details on the KPMC webpage ( )as well as the booklet outline, the attached.


The registration deadline will be July 31st (KST) with submitted requirements such as flight requirement, itinerary, registration form, picture, and etc.

Let me summarize the main changes for this KPMC as below.


1. The match place will be same as the accommodation.

: Except Opening Ceremony and Round 1 by the strong request from the sponsor, you will play Baduk at a hall in the hotel.

The movement would be minimized, and you can have more flexible schedule, I believe.

You can see the details in the booklet.


2. Stricter flight requirement for subsidy

: For last KPMC, KBF had many troubles about the airfare support since it allowed self-booking.

The superior authority officially warns to strengthen the regulation and process. 

As the process becomes stricter, any exception will be never allowed since the deadline.


3. Accommodation - Twin Room

: Although Taebaek hotel has qualified facilities for the international competition, most of its rooms are 'twin or family rooms'.

Therefore, all participants should share the room for this KPMC.

To assure the best convenience for players, KBF will arrange deluxe twin rooms having separate rooms, for them first.


4. Transportation during the 1st day

: To have more flexible schedule and satisfy the needs of the sponsor, KBF would try to transfer you to the venue on the first day like the schedule.

Three buses will be respectively ready to transfer you at the airport, in different times.

Please notice that you have to come to the venue by yourself if you miss all of them.


Best regards,

Arnold KIM


Korea Baduk Federation

T:  +82.2.2282.5500

F:  +82.2.2282.5614