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New Zealand's largest ever Go Tournament?

New Zealand's largest ever Go Tournament? NZGSLogo

On Wednesday September 19, the 2018 New Zealand Multicultural Children's Go Tournament was held in New Lynn, Auckland. 14 Children from Whangarei Intermediate School and 20 from Go classes in Auckland met for a friendly match and cultural exchange. 34 Players - possibly the largest Go tournament ever held in New Zealand! With all the players, several organizers, the parents and other interested parties it was a very busy room.

34 Players

I had to leave after the first round was played so I don't know who won the tournament, however it was not the type of tournament where winning was important. Instead it was all about fun, improving your skills, meeting people and becoming part of a larger group. From the enthusiasm I saw it was a big success and thanks and congratulations need to be given to the organizers who were (in no particular order):
  • Su Chang, who started and teaches the Go club at Whangarei Intermediate school
  • Kevin Lui, who runs a Go school in Auckland
  • Tony Li, who also has Go classes in Auckland
  • Danny Wu, who organised the venue
  • The Synergy Community trust, who provided the venue
  • The people who organised lunch and drinks
  • Everyone else who helped
Well done everyone!