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2019 NZ Go Society accounts

2019 NZ Go Society accounts


New Zealand Go Players,

At the last AGM we did not have the society accounts ready for presentation. Our accounts must be presented to our members and approved at a general meeting so we can submit them to the relevant authorities. 
To do this we will hold a special General meeting on Discord at 8pm Sunday December 1st. We will use the NZGS chat group to discuss the accounts and, when discussion is complete, vote to accept them - or not. You can also vote by email before the meeting.
Notes on the accounts, specifically the bookshop:
  • Last year the profit shown was $21 and I said something was wrong, as we trade at a higher margin than that. This stock take found we had two fancy sets of Chinese stones on hand, not one. We had incorrectly counted this as a sale last year increasing the cost of sales by $100 and reducing the profit by a like amount. I have reversed this by showing a negative sale this year, increasing our profit by $100 over its true value. However the years net to the correct amount.
  • There are are several stock adjustments, most significantly a reduction in the book value of stones in 9x9 sets (previously too high) These adjustments have not been included in the profit calculation. This is deliberate so that the so that the trading result is realistic.

The proposal is: "The accounts, as presented here: should be be accepted by the members of the society"

To get to the NZGS Discord chat group you can use the Discord app or the web site. our chat group url is: 

To vote by email please send a message to stating your name and address and state if you believe the accounts should be accepted, or should not.
Please attend the meeting or send your vote so we can tidy this up.
Colin Grierson
Secretary NZGS


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