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2021 NZ Go Championship

2021 NZ Go Championship


Dear Go Players,

This has been a weird few months. We’ve tentatively made plans, only for forces outside our control to make them impossible. We hoped we could eliminate the virus and return to normal as before, but this time it did not happen, and we still have no certainty of what will be possible in the coming few months. 

We have had to drop our plans for an Auckland Open, however the Australian Digital tournament is nicely timed to take its place. See details below and we encourage you to join this event - at which you can win WAGC points as in ‘normal’ New Zealand regional tournaments. Entry is free and entries close Sunday 17 October.

We are announcing our New Zealand Open Tournament, to be held on the first weekend in December 4th & 5th) Our current plans, for what they are worth!, is for it to be a conventional ‘in person’ tournament, held in Auckland at the New Image offices in Mangere Bridge. This is a very nice venue, as people who played in the VITENZ Tournament at the beginning of the year can attest. Here is the tournament outline:

  • Two divisions, Three if there are sufficient entries.

    • Open, Winner is the NZ Champion

    • Division 2. Even games, for kyu grade players who want serious competition

    • Handicap. Handicap games, open to all.   

  • We will allow remote players. Using OGS, or an agreed server, players can compete remotely. 

    • Video recording of the remote players will be required

    • The tournament is only open to people physically resident in New Zealand

  • Entry fee will be $25 for pre-registered players (and $30 if you just turn up) This will cover lunches, tea and coffee and so on.

  • Prizes will be cash (and possibly New Image products)  

  • Full details and the entry form will be published shortly

We hope to see you there.



Australian Digital Tournament

The tournament is on the Internet in seven rounds, one game per week. Results are due by midnight each Sunday by email. The draw for the next round (opponent, colour, handicap) will be sent out by midday Monday. Each competitor is to contact their opponent, sort out a time, play the game online, email the result and the game record to the tournament director. The tournament is an Australian Swiss draw in three divisions, open (2k to 7d), upper handicap (2d to 10k, up to nine stones), and lower handicap (10k to 30k, up to nine stones) using Australian (Japanese) rules.  There is no entry fee.

Full details are on the tournament web page