Goods for sale

(Pictures available on demand)

NZ Go Badges
Fancy stones/bowl set
Chinese style stones (Bowls are included, a little big for our standard board)

Basic Boards

(Front: 19*19,  Back: 13*13, stones not included)


Stones – From China  (made of plastic)

(Picture 1, Picture 2, board not included)

9*9 Boards (made of plastic, stones sold separately)
Stones for 9*9 sets (See picture of '9*9 Boards') $10
Cloth boards $2
Postcard sets
Introduction to Go VI $5
Introduction to Go V2 $5
3 3 Point opening stratagy
Power of the Star Point
Introduction to Go $15
Go World magazine (old copies)
Life and Death
In the Beginning
The Endgame  
38 Basic Joseki  
Attack and Defense  

If you are interested, you can contact us here.


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