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NZGS 2022 News Letter

NZGS 2022 News Letter


Happy New Year Dear Go Players!

Nice to meet you guys again in 2022!


NZ Digital Open

The NZ Digital Open will be coming up in around a month's time on Monday, the 7th of March. This tournament will be purely played online in OGS or any other Go Servers if both sides can come to a mutual agreement.

  • 3 divisions. Upper (Recommended for 2 dan & higher. even games),¬† Intermediate (up to 2dan. even games), and Handicap (open to all. Handicap games).
  • Sponsored by Hanping's shop¬†CoolAccessoriesOnline¬†- lots of mobile device accessories as prizes
  • Entry fee $10 ... cash prizes too :-)
  • After two rounds 'virtual plate divisions' are created - Main for the people who won their first two games, Plate 1 for those who won then lost, Plate 2 for lose, win and Plate 3 for Lose, lose. New prizes will be given to the winner and runner up of each of the plate divisions. (The virtual plate divisions will not affect the tournament scheduling) The idea is for almost everyone to have a real chance of winning a prize.¬†



Here is our current schedule of events for the year. We have decided the dates earlier this time so you can plan around these dates.


1. NZ Digital Open - Monday, 7th March

As mentioned above, This is the event that is coming up first this year, we are excited to see everyone there!


2. NZ Open - Saturday, 8th October

This will be held later in the year and will most likely be a mixture of in person and online players like last year. The location is still to be decided.


3. Auckland Open - Saturday, 19th November

The Auckland Open will happen on the 19th of November, one week after the NZ Open. Hopefully if you are a student the exams are already over by now. So come join us at the Auckland Open before flying home if you are from other parts of NZ!


Purchase Go Equipment

Playing online is convenient but I'm sure as Go players we all get that urge to play on a real board from time to time. Remember the NZGS has a shop selling go equipment  - you can find it on our web page:  Currently we have only basic sets, and some books in stock - but that will change when our next shipment arrives and we will have a range of Go equipment to choose from. Hanping, who is also sponsoring our NZ Digital Open as mentioned above, is also listing NZGS Go/Weiqi Equipment in his online shop. His shop is mainly focused on mobile device accessories. Check it out here!


Opito Bay Go

Unfortunately this year's Opital Bay event which is normally held by Mike Taler is cancelled due to the current COVID situation. Hopefully next year things will settle down and we will be able to attend this wonderful event again!


NZGS Player Number and Rankings

Sylvain, has done all the hard work and have published all the players that are in our database onto the website in a clean and easy to read table. Here you can find your current rank in our system and your NZGS Membership ID!

Player Rankings Page.



If you have questions or suggestions please let us know as the system is still being finalised and we want it to work well for everyone. Email:

That's all for now Best wishes for 2022


Chris Ding