The following people have represented New Zealand at the World Amateur Go Championships


Year Representative Rank
1979       Graeme Parmenter       unplaced
1980 Graeme Parmenter unplaced
1981 Barry Phease unplaced            
1982 Ray Tomes 8th
1983 John Blair 14th
1984 Kyle Jones 25th
1985 Barry Phease 16th
1986 Ray Tomes 16th
1987 Barry Phease -
1988 Ray Tomes 24th
1989 Kyle Jones 25th
1990 David Coughlin 28th
1991 Graeme Parmenter 24th
1992 Barry Phease 27th
1993 Yucong Phease 34th
1994 Colin Grierson 31st
1995 Barry Phease 17th
1996 Kyle Jones 29th
1997 Eric Jones 37th
1998 Injune Kang 25th
1999 Colin Grierson 26th
2000 Shiyong Du 26th
2001 Steve Kim 29th
2002 Steve Kim 15th
2003 Not held because of SARS  
2004  Colin Grierson 31st
2005 Roman Pozaroszczyk 37th
2006 Ming Yuan Wang 39th
2007 Jimmy Yuan 19th
2008 Juhua Zhou 25th
2009 Li Long Yang 21st
2010 Kaikun Xie 32nd
2011 Corrin Lakeland 28th
2012 Li Long Yang 17th
2013 Xu Xie Wu 32nd
2014 Zie Jie Bei 30th
2015 Ju Quiang Chen 44th
2016 Chahine Koleejan 18th 
2017 Alan Guerin 35th
2018 Hordur Thordarson 52nd

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