2014 Wellington Open

2014 Wellington Open Results Edit

Open section Edit

With only 2 players from Auckland and one from Hawkes Bay we were happy to get so many locals. Stanley had come all the way from Hong Kong and it was nice to see him in a NZ tournament again.

As we had 2 1-kyu players we ran the open section as a MacMahon tournament to stop the kyu players from having to play the top players. As it turned out, Adam gave several of the stronger players a fright.

Chahine won all 5 games and Stanley was second with 4 wins.

    Name     Club     Lvl  Score    1     2     3     4     5    Pts  SOS  SOSOS
1    Koleejan Chahine    nz-well    5d    7    9+/w    4+/w    7+/b    3+/b    6+/b    5    24    122
2    Wang Stanley        nz-well    5d    6    4-/b    7+/w    9+/b   13+/b    8+/w    4    22    113
3    Xie Fang            nz-Auck    3d    5    6+/b    9+/w   10+/b    1-/w    5-/w    3    25    120
4    Zhou Juhua          nz-Auck    5d    5    2+/w    1-/b    5-/w   14+/b   10+/b    3    25    111
5    Thordarson Hordur   nz-well    1d    5    8+/w   10-/w    4+/b    6-/b    3+/b    3    24    118
6    Phease Yucong       nz-Phea    3d    5    3-/w   11+/b   14+/b    5+/w    1-/w    3    24    108
7    Phease Barry        nz-Phea    4d    5   11+/b    2-/b    1-/w   12+/w   14+/w    3    23    102
8    Chen John           nz-Hawk    1d    5    5-/b   15+/w   12+/b   10+/w    2-/b    3    21    100
9    Phease Edwin        nz-Phea    4d    4    1-/b    3-/b    2-/w   11+/w   12+/b    2    25    109
10    Chen Peter         nz-well    1d    4   12+/w    5+/b    3-/w    8-/b    4-/w    2    23    116
11    Yanagihashi Teru   nz-well    4d    4    7-/w    6-/w    free    9-/b   13+/b    2    17     91
12    Buchanan Russell   nz-well    1d    3   10-/b   13+/w    8-/w    7-/b    9-/w    1    21    111
13    Phease Tristan     nz-Phea    1d    3   14-/w   12-/b   15+/b    2-/w   11-/w    1    19     88
14    Adam               nz-well    1k    3   13+/b    free    6-/w    4-/w    7-/b    2    18     91
15    Edmund             nz-well    1k    3    free    8-/b   13-/w     -        -     1    10     50


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Kyu section Edit

For the first time for many yeasrs we ahave been able to have a kyu section. We were hoping for 6, but 3 turned up and all were of similar srength (8 kyu - 10 kyu) which made for some close games. As we had an odd number in the open section the bye player could still get a game.

Rafick won all his games (making it a good tournament for the family).

    Name     Club     Lvl    Score   1    2    3    4     5    Pts   SOS  SOSOS
1    Koleejan Rafick     nz-Well    7k     5    2+/b   3+/w   free   2+/w1   free    5     9    37
2    Blackheath Stephen  nz-Well   10k     3    1-/w   free   3+/b   1-/b1   3+/w    3    13    40
3    Johnston Allan      nz-Well    8k     2    free   1-/b   2-/w    free   2-/b    2    11    35

Date, Venue and Entry Fee Edit

Date: 29th and 30th of November 2014

Venue: Room CO350, Cotton Building (see map), Victoria University, Wellington

(Copying from the club page: ... Cotton Building, Kelburn, Wellington City. To get there from The Terrace and Salamanca Road, go up Kelburn Parade (the street with the university on both sides). At the roundabout, carry on straight ahead instead of following most traffic up the hill. Almost immediately turn left into the car park or just park at the side of the road. Come into the Cotton Building and walk up ... stairs.

Entry Fee: $20

Playing Conditions & Draws Edit

1 hour each, 30 seconds byo-yomi. NZ rules apply (7 points komi)

5 round McMahon. Draws will be made based on the following rules
  1. No same two players shall meet more than once
  2. Players on the same score will be matched up in the next round where possible
  3. The draw will try to ensure that each player will get to play black 3 times or white 3 times
  4. Players from different cities will be matched up where possible

Each player’s McMahon starting score will be determined by the tournament organiser.

There are Dan and Kyu sections unless the number of entries is not sufficient. The Kyu section will have handicaps to ensure fair games.

Tie-breaking: A tournament winner shall be determined by SOS in the event of a tie.

Time Table Edit

On the first day please turn up by 8:45 am and complete your registration.

Time Table
Saturday, 29th of November Sunday, 30th of November





9:00 - 11:30 Round 1 9:30 - 12:00 Round 4
11:30 - 12:20 Lunch 12:00 - 12:50 Lunch
12:20 - 2:50 Round 2 12:50 - 3:20 Round 5
2:50 - 5:20 Round 3 3:25- 3:40 Prize Giving

A social party will be held at Saturday night.

Contact Edit

Please advise Teru Yanagihashi with one of the following methods to indicate your interest. This is important as we need to know the number in advance.

04-9721867 (home), 04-8902287 (work), 02102672608 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Billeting Edit

Basic accommodations can be arranged. Please contact us well in advance.