2015 Otago Open

Otago Open 2015 Edit

The Otago Go club is proud to announce the 2015 Otago Open to be held on Saturday July 11 2015.

A tournament for everyone with prizes to be won in three sections.

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The Otago Open trophy:   Edit

Titanium disc with mounted bone and greenstone stones, competed for since 1988, WAGC* points and cash prize.  

The Invincible trophy Edit

1-9 kyu players. 1st Edition of ‘Invincible – The games of Shusaku’ by John Power, the finest book of go commentaries in English.

The trophy is inscribed with the winner's name and they receive a copy as their prize. 

The 10 kyu trophy    Edit

10 kyu-30 kyu. Winners name added to the classic Shalbury Games kauri board, which they get to keep for a year. The winner also receives a book prize.  

*WAGC or World Amateur Go Championship points are available at the NZ Go Championship and regional go tournaments. Each year the player with the most points is invited to attend the World Amateur Go Championship (established 1979). 


Results Edit

The Otago Open this year, although packed with quality was sadly deficient in numbers.

1st Yao Lu

2nd Jason Bei

3rd Graeme Parmenter

4th Ryan Camp

Venue Edit

OUSA Recreation Centre

84 Albany St


Tournament conditions Edit

4 round MacMahon

30 minutes each, main time. 1x30 seconds byo yomi.

Entry Fee $30:00 adult, $20 under 16. Cash at registration or direct credit OU Go Club (38-9014-0558495-00). Use “OO” and your name as reference. 

Register by Saturday 4 July and receive a $10 discount on entry.

Draws will be made based on the following rules:

  1. No two players shall meet more than once
  2. Players on the same score will be matched in the next round where possible
  3. Players from different cities will be matched where possible
  4. Players will play black and white an equal number of times where possible

Players’ McMahon starting score will be determined by the tournament director. 

Sections: 1-7Dan; 1-9 Kyu+; 10-30kyu depending on the number of entries.

Tie-breaker: Sum of Opponent’s Scores (SOS) will be used to determine winner in the event of a tie. 

WAGC points: Top 4 receive points (10,6,3,1) used to decide representatives at international tournaments 

Timetable Edit

Saturday 11 July

Registration 9:45am 10am
Round 1 10:00 11:30
Round 2 11:45 1:15
Lunch 1:15 2:00
Round 3 2:00 3:30
Round 4 3:45 5:15

Accommodation Edit

Accommodation will be available, but let us know before you arrive!

Contact Edit

Graeme Parmenter: 027 4988058; 03 477 0829; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.