Auckland Go Club venue


The Auckland Go Club will be meeting at the following venue for the coming weeks (at least until mid-september):


Rosewood furniture, 694 Gt South Rd, Auckland

From 7:30pm.



Hope to see you there.




Tony's Go Club vs Senthé Montreal!

On Sunday 6th May, six games were played on OGS between players of Tony's Go Club and the Senthé Go Club in Montreal, Canada. The players who represented Tony's Go Club are Kevin Liu, Yang Chao, Shuo Chen Yang, Patrick Zhou, Yao Meng and Tony Li. In response, the Canadian team also had several strong participants, namely: Qi You Wu, strong amateur 9D on Tygem who has played for Senthé as first board on multiple occasions; Manuel Velasco, strong OGS 6 dan who was a former insei in the Korean Baduk Association; James Sedgwick, the president of the Canadian Go Association. 

The match was broadcasted on popular gaming livestream website Live commentaries are offered by YoonYoung Kim, a 4 dan professional currently coaching the Senthé Go Club. You can find several videos of the event here, here and here.