"Vortex", a player from Wellington, has achieved a notable double on OGS:  ranking No 1 on both the 9x9 ladder and the 13x13 ladder.

He is also currently No 7 on the 19x19 ladder.

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Congratulations Vortex !


Note that very recently "Sawcutgorge" also performed on OGS (See: NZ player, Alan, ranks No 1 on OGS ,and he is also currently in the top 10 for 13*13 and 9*9 ladder)


Thanks guys for representing NZ on the internet !



The Auckland Go Club will be meeting at the following venue for the coming weeks (at least until mid-september):


Rosewood furniture, 694 Gt South Rd, Auckland

From 7:30pm.



Hope to see you there.




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